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The electric field matrix on-line corrosion monitoring system

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  • pubdate:2016/10/28
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  Technology (FSM) is a kind of electric field matrix based on the theory of ohm's law and the electric field distribution, based on the potential array of metal equipment, pipeline on-line corrosion monitoring methods, the outer wall of probe array distribution in the device under test, with local typical direct detection range inner wall thickness of existing equipment corrosion and corrosion rate, weld corrosion, pit corrosion, erosion ability.

Compared with traditional corrosion detection method, the electric field matrix corrosion monitoring system for direct contact with the sensor, monitoring results, the hole surface directly and effectively installation, not involved in monitoring component, and the tested area fluid without contact, good security, convenient installation, long service life. Are applicable for pipe elbow, tee joint, complex shape and high temperature and high pressure parts, such as weld corrosion monitoring, data can be directly into the enterprise widely used OTA5.0 corrosion monitoring and management system.

The electric field matrix on-line corrosion monitoring system

Technical features:

1. Can be directly testing of the equipment and pipeline in service uniform corrosion, pit corrosion, erosion;

2. The direct measurement of pipe wall thinning, without opening, matrix probes, long life, high reliability;

3. Optional cable and wireless transmission way, directly incorporated into the enterprise existing on-line corrosion monitoring system;

4. The array probe can use clamp or welded with the pipe connection;

5. The software system can be to three-dimensional display of monitoring results, and can judge and evalsuate equipment life and run the risk.

Second, the main technical parameters of equipment:

> range of measuring wall thickness: 1 mm wall thickness measurement range or less 50 mm or less.

> measurement sensitivity: 0.1 mm;

> monitoring wall temperature: 600 ℃ or less;

> system working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;

> measurement data interval: choose between 1 hour ~ 1 month

> matrix model: 4 x 4 probe lattice, 4 x 8 probe lattice, 8 x 16 probe dot matrix, can be extended.

> communication way: wireless network mode and the cable RS485. As shown in figure 3: the model of wireless network topology.

> power supply mode: lithium electricity or indoor output 18 to 36 v voltage, either two kinds of power-supply modes.

Three, the system architecture

Electric field matrix wall thickness monitoring system is divided into two structures of wired and wireless transmission.

ZK - 3600, the structure of the wireless transmission main equipment include: electric field type pipeline on-line monitoring, wireless transmission module, wireless gateway, data analysis software, etc.

ZK - 3610, cable transmission structure of main equipment include: electric field type converter, power supply and communication pipeline on-line monitoring, transmission cables, remote terminal and data analysis software.

The electric field matrix on-line corrosion monitoring system

Four, the application case

In a petrochemical company decided to flash system processing sulfur content to 2.1% of mixed crude oil of tahe oilfield, based on the actual working condition to carry out the corrosion evalsuation, evalsuation results are carbon steel material heat transfer oil line bend parts corrosion rate of up to 2.41 mm/a. By evalsuating and decided to introduce our patent technology field matrix (FSM) online monitoring system for key areas to strengthen monitoring. For pipeline safety real-time warning, also plays the role of material to carry out the evalsuation of flash system.

Electric field matrix on-line corrosion monitoring system in March 2015 formally in flash system running, and September the field monitoring results show that the group of corrosion rate of the measuring point four matrix were 0.89 mm/a, 0.89 mm/a/a, 0.56 mm and 0.56 mm/a (pictured); The average corrosion rate is 0.71 mm/a. And that point with thickness gauge thickness result is 0.66 mm/a. Testing results of two methods are 10%, which indicates that the high sulphur medium to high temperature corrosion of carbon steel pipe is more serious, in line with the previous studies, and suitable to the corrosion evalsuation before.

Result of monitoring shows that the electric field matrix of local corrosion and corrosion monitoring method are good uniform corrosion monitoring role. At present, the system has been in sinopec luoyang petrochemical, Qingdao refining enterprise application, etc.

 The electric field matrix on-line corrosion monitoring system


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