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The fifth China pipeline integrity management technology exchange meeting was held in Beijing

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On October 12-14, 2016 by the institute of petroleum oil storage and transportation professional committee of China and the oil industry standardization technical committee of oil and gas storage and transportation designed standard committee jointly hosted the fifth China exchange of pipeline integrity management technology and new products, new equipment, new products expo was held in Beijing petroleum science and technology exchange center, division, as committed to outstanding enterprises in the field of petrochemical pipeline corrosion monitoring, lucky enough to be the only one of the organizers invited corrosion monitoring.

The conference aims to actively implement the first pipeline integrity national standards, comprehensively promote the pipeline integrity management. Conference, director of professional committee of the China institute of petroleum oil stevie hoang and academician, the national energy administration, deputy director of the national oil reserve center BiXiangWei et al., published a speech and important speech, the conference by summing up since the introduction of pipeline integrity management from the new century, domestic enterprises, colleges and universities overall integrity management research, and obtained fruitful results. In combination with the fusion of industrialization and information of the information age, as well as cloud computing, Internet of things, the development of the large data analysis technology, points out that the continuous improvement of the integrity management needs, gradually from the digital to the intelligent direction, gradually by a single storage data to the depth of mining data process. Put forward the need to promote integrity management and endowed with new connotation, thus promote the comprehensive implementation of pipeline integrity management and development. From all over the country more than 600 for pipeline transportation management and anti-corrosion experts, scholars and technical staff attended the conference.

 Corrosion monitoring

Zkwellto eliminate storage and transportation pipeline safety, actively cooperate with and push the pipeline integrity management in our country, further development of oil and gas Wells and the long-distance pipeline corrosion monitoring market, as the exhibitors at the conference we showed all the attendees by independent research and development with independent intellectual property rights of the week to electric field matrix (FSM) corrosion online monitoring system and pipeline on-line ultrasonic thickness measurement system products. Through physical display and demonstration, the product is attending professional personnel concerned,

Visit the booth consulting staff in an endless stream.

 The corrosion monitoring probe

2 days of pipeline integrity technology exchange meeting held successfully, division, with the rigorous scientific attitude, strong technology development strength, and outstanding innovation spirit, to enterprises and experts attending the meeting reveals the power of independent brands, products in the leading technology level, the accuracy of monitoring data and price advantage on all major pipeline company for leadership and anti-corrosion experts recognition and affirmation, once again confirmed that the division, the strength of corrosion monitoring industry leader in China.

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