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Value 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march, long march spirit, CST, chairman Zheng Liqun share with colleagues

pubdate:2016-12-23 Author:Zheng Liqun Click:

Recently, to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of long march, China central television (CCTV) launched the "long march", 8 sets of large documentary made me have a chance to study this period of history again, once again, see the red army long march spirit, and each time with a greater respect in the mood to feel long story, each has a different feeling, at the same time thinking about their long march.

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80 years ago, the communist party of the red army long march to face numerous difficulties and obstacles, in the face of the enemy under siege, in the face of complex in the party the route of the struggle, the revolutionary faith, overcome various difficulties and make great sacrifices, won a long march victory, composed the magnificent poem history.

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Each person is different to the understanding of the long march, but will find you, will find the meaning of it for you. Long march on the way forever, each age has every era of the long march, each people have each person's long march, and every one of us is walking belongs to own life long march. On the journey of life there are all sorts of difficulties and hardships, on the journey of life need to constantly practice, exploration and innovation, I believe that the long march spirit will affect you, inspire you to tenacious efforts, to achieve your goal in one after another, realize the value of your life. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the red army long march victory, share with all colleagues, mutual learning long march spirit, brings honor to the long march spirit, go our march. At the same time strongly recommended the young man over a large documentary "long march" again.

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