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Should be aimed at different corrosion types has different monitoring methods of corrosion monitoring

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Corrosion monitoring is the main significance of the corrosion monitoring:

1) provide the basis for scientific management and decision: in the process of oil refining processing, extensive use of corrosion inhibitors to slow down the internal corrosion of the process equipment. , however, the proportion of type and adding corrosion inhibitor is suitable for this system, the need to pass a certain measurement to know about. By corrosion monitoring, can at any time monitoring the efficacy of the corrosion inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor type or a proportion according to the monitoring results in a timely manner to make adjustment;

2) to prevent the happening of the accident: harmful leak or the change of the process parameters can sometimes lead to serious corrosion. By corrosion monitoring can monitor the medium corrosion condition, if it is found that the corrosion rate of sudden change, will immediately check system, find out the problem in time, to prevent the occurrence of major accidents.

3) to predict equipment life: through corrosion monitoring can accurately grasp the corrosion rate of equipment during normal operation, can predict the service life of equipment, that is safe and economical;

4) in addition to corrosion monitoring for improve the equipment running status, improve the reliability of the equipment, prolong the cycle parking and shorten the repair time and get great economic benefits, corrosion monitoring technology can also make the device under the condition of close to design the best work, also can the safety of the equipment, ensure the operator's safety and play a useful role in helping to reduce environmental pollution;

Corrosion monitoring and analysis of corrosion causes, to understand the corrosion process and the relationship between the process parameters, or evalsuation some anticorrosion method of actual effect.

Refining units main parts and types of corrosion in actual monitoring, should be adopted according to different types of corrosion of different monitoring methods. S content of crude oil increase, sulfur corrosion is serious and mainly concentrated in the following several system: atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit in one time "three top" of the low temperature area, including light oil volatilization line of condensing cooling system, the main corrosion environment for H2S - HCL - H2O; Corrosion morphology: for carbon steel for thinning, of Cr13 steel to pitting corrosion, for 1 cr18ni9ti steel for chloride stress corrosion cracking. Catalytic cracking device such as a secondary processing condensing cooling system, the main environment for H2S corrosion - HCN - N3H - H2O; Corrosion morphology: for carbon steel for uniform thinning, bubbling and sulfide stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen in austenitic stainless steel is sulfide stress corrosion cracking.

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