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The professional division, corrosion monitoring and management backbone training course "speech

pubdate:2016-12-20 Author: Click:

Zkwell, the professional and management backbone training delivered a speech

Every teacher, every student:

Good morning!

After more than a month of preparation, the shenyang zhongke, professional and management backbone training today finally class, first let us with warm applause to welcome our office colleagues gathered in shenyang! Then, on behalf of Beijing zhongke wi influence training course for our company specially expressed heartfelt thanks! We have reasons to believe that, through the training of such high specification, will promote the division in vail team to further improve the overall level.

Zkwell, has been adhering to the "integrity, innovation, efficiency, win-win" business philosophy, constantly towards the international first-class anticorrosion monitoring and service companies to development, efforts to build division, brand. Good at present, the company has more than 60 employees, with south China, east China, northwest three offices, maoming, qinzhou, huizhou, ningbo, Shanghai, shenyang, lanzhou, urumqi, green island nine offices, such as team members come from all over the corrosion monitoring system.

Corrosion monitoring to do first-class enterprise, must have the first-class team. Only employees get growth, realize self value, staff to complete the performance, enterprises can move forward. How to make every employee feel the company's corporate culture and team leaders, feel the amount of force, how to let our each staff to be able to keep up with the development of the enterprise, so that in the future you will be able to lead the company continuously forward, this is the original intention of the training.

This training, the company attaches great importance to, in the case of a company's funds are not well-off, took out some money to do the training course, we use the practical action to tell you that staff is enterprise's greatest wealth.

Corrosion monitoring system for monitoring technology is varied ways of the information provided by the parameters are different

 Corrosion monitoring

Before class, I'll speak 3 requirements:

1. to concentrate on learning from your work. Now are very busy at work, it matters very college a lot, but we have to overcome the temporary difficulties and settled down to study. And combined with the work in the presence of confusion, speak more, more communication, more harvest, in the aspect of management for the future work to lay a good foundation.

2. two forget it. A forgotten age, some might think, I am so big, also learn what ah, I tell you that there is no end of learning. And, on one day, we will be trying to do his job. 2 it is to forget, we are "professional" on the first day of training, is very basic, here, many managers might ask, does this has any relation with me, I would say that is very relevant, our managers is to set a good example, only you professional, ordinary employees can we really professional. If you do, you don't take the lead to do, there is no power, no voice. The second day is management cadre training, our staff members may ask, it has to do with me, I want to say is very relevant, not waiting for you to become a manager to go to find a way to study, supplement insufficiency, but you have the ability and knowledge, the manager manager to do again, it will get twice the result with half the effort. And we mastered the management knowledge, help the implementation of the company management system.

3. to keep learning. I have said such a sentence in the space, "seven males and unification in qin, why could be the daqin law and governing system; modern enterprise who can go further, it is the enterprise management system". Today I want to add, "modern enterprise who can go further, should is the enterprise management system and its advancing with The Times"! Enterprise management is growing, we can't stop learning, I hope you take this from as a beginning, in the future work on the road constantly learning, constantly innovate on management, advancing with The Times!

Beijing influence of teacher's experience in actual combat management experts, let us grasp the opportunity, improve together!

Finally, wish training course a complete success, wish you all a happy learning!

Zheng Liqun

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