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Refiners corrosion and protection management platform "project smoothly through the identification of corrosion monitoring

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Corrosion monitoring system for monitoring technology is varied ways of the information provided by the parameters are different

On July 18, 2016 organized by China petroleum and chemical co., LTD. "refiners corrosion and protection management platform" project assessments sinopec headquarters in Beijing. This meeting is mainly responsible for my company to complete the "refiners corrosion and protection management platform" and other identification of other companies to complete the project. The meeting invited many experts in the field of petrochemical expert historical, to the completion of our project and the actual application situation has carried on the appraisal and review.

Appraisal meeting, our company call made red engineers do "refiners corrosion and protection management platform" work reports and research report. The project entrust by China petroleum and chemical co., LTD., Shanghai gaoqiao petrochemical company and shenyang zhongke weir corrosion control technology co., LTD., was developed in established China's first in petrochemical refinery corrosion testing management platform. The platform through the various testing data were obtained for management and integrated into a unified platform, to probe, thickness of equipment corrosion and corrosion data with the medium of chloride ions, pH value, the original oleic acid value, sulfur content and other corrosion correlation between source data, the comprehensive implementation anticorrosive warning function. Can effectively guide the corrosion protection, oil refining, predict maintenance, guarantee the safe and stable operation of equipment, for the oil refining enterprise corrosion and protection work provides a useful tool, can effectively improve the corrosion and protection management level of enterprises. The management platform in 2014 July 8 sets of refining unit in sinopec Shanghai gaoqiao company application, platform running stability, anti-corrosion operation guidance technology, the equipment corrosion decision provides effective technical support, to reduce the risk of corrosion leakage corrosion monitoring system.

Historical meeting, corrosion monitoring in the experts agreed that our project team to provide complete technical data and the spending report, reliable data, completed the Chinese petrochemical technology development contract (contract number: 312115) corrosion testing management platform of the task, conform to the requirements of the archives management and evalsuation, achievements reached domestic leading level.

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