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Oil platform environment for the Marine environment of offshore oil platform, the current corrosion monitoring technology

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 Corrosion monitoring

Corrosion monitoring technology for offshore oil platform in recent years has made considerable development, is now used in corrosion monitoring technology has the following several ways: ac magnetic field technique condition monitoring, the electric field characteristics method (FSM), underwater robot probes and imaging monitoring system for monitoring, preset probe on-line monitoring. 3.1 ac magnetic field technique condition monitoring ac magnetic field method (delivered ACFM per input horsepower) from ac voltage drop measurement method (ACPD) is a non-destructive testing technology, and in the 1980 s, university of London, completed the theoretical analysis of the delivered ACFM per input horsepower to 9 o s application in sea

The detection of corrosion monitoring of ocean petroleum platform. Delivered ACFM per input horsepower to use conductive material will change the distribution of electromagnetic field in the defect formation piezomagnetism effect, by measuring the change of the electromagnetic field distribution, and the standard of ideal defect formed by electromagnetic field are compared, so as to determine the defects. This method combines ACPD and eddy current testing two kinds of method, by measuring the detection area near the surface of the magnetic field change rather than the electric field voltage, thus can realize non-contact detection. Delivered ACFM per input horsepower non-contact method is used to determine the size of defects, first the input alternating current (ac) in the area of the tested, due to the "skin" effect, the current crowding in the conductor surface, if there are defects in the specimen, the current line near the defect will deflect, as to induce the distortion of magnetic field on the specimen, with the change of the magnetic field sensor measured the component of the magnetic field, can determine the length and depth of cracks.

Delivered ACFM per input horsepower has the following characteristics: 

(1) the detection speed, high precision, qualitative quantitative detection of crack defects at one time; 

(2) using remote sensing technology through metal and non-metallic coating, a non-contact detection, do not need to clean up the paint and coating on the surface of the measured;       (3) can measure any electrical conductor materials, including all kinds of metal and alloy; 

(4) don't need to do a multifarious instrument correction; 

(5) minimizing error caused by human factors; 

(6) high stability and resolution, and can accurately detect the crack length and depth; 

(7) regardless of the size of the defect has enough accuracy; Good adaptability to 

(8). Because the delivered ACFM per input horsepower has the above characteristics, is expected to be dominant in the underwater structure crack defect detection, instead of underwater ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing technology.

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