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Through to the original state, and the anticorrosion measures after the equipment condition monitoring and can be compared to the application effect of corrosion monitoring

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 Corrosion monitoring

Corrosion speed measuring instrument is linear polarization, weak polarization, electrochemical impedance technology method of combining the development, specially in the larger corrosion resistance of medium environment. General linear polarization and weak polarization method of polarization resistance measured by the system also includes the corrosion medium resistance, the results of calculation of corrosion rate implies the influence brought about by the error of medium resistance, the corrosion rate of the field corrosion rate is much smaller than real. By using the method of ac impedance corrosion system applying small high frequency sine signals, high frequency signal can be formed by cross between metal and corrosion media electrochemical electric double layer capacitors, applying the high frequency signal of all makes effect on the resistance of medium, which can be accurately measured medium resistance of corrosion system. From linear polarization in the measured polarization resistance decrease medium resistance to get the actual polarization resistance value, thus accurate corrosion rate. CMB - 2510 - a corrosion monitoring for soil environment corrosion rate of corrosion monitoring, oily water and atmospheric environment monitoring, the efficiency of corrosion inhibitor corrosion monitoring is a very good measure.

Corrosion monitoring in the laboratory with the destination will be specially prepared small metal sample in artificial preparation (or taken from the actual environment) medium, controlled environment corrosion test, called the lab test. Laboratory test and generally can be divided into two categories, simulation test and accelerated test. In the laboratory simulation test is small simulation device, as precisely as possible to simulate actual medium, the environment, or in a special provision of medium under the condition of test. Accelerated test is artificially controlled test conditions and test method for speed up the progress of the test. Accelerated test should have enough "aggressive" and "differentiation". Accelerated test methods generally used only for relatively material corrosion resistance or control the purpose of product quality.

Outstanding advantage of laboratory tests is:

Which can make full use of precision testing instrument and control equipment;

(2) can choose the size and shape of the sample;

(3) to strictly control the relevant influencing factors;

(4) the flexibility to test stipulated time, general test period is shorter;

5. Test results had good reproducibility.

Laboratory test has its inherent limitations, mainly metal sample and medium, environment often have difference with the actual situation. Therefore, for some important results and conclusions, often need to test in the laboratory on the basis of further through the field tests or physical tests to verify.

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