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Circulating water quality management

Circulating water quality management

Circulating water corrosion directly affects the enterprise's safety production and operation cycle. Different ion in circulating water pH value, alkalinity, hardness, bacteria and other environmental factors, the cause of heat exchanger tube bundle scaling, corrosion and other equipment to different degrees. Leakage of equipment seriously affected the normal operation of the production. Therefore, the scientific management is particularly important in the quality of circulating water.

Job description:

1. confirm, and make sure the water circulating water source of the switching rule and whether there is a periodic change of water quality, the third party of circulating water system, the role of regulation, analyze whether monthly index of circulating water in a reasonable range, in order to provide early warning for the adjustment of the circulating water quality control.

2. through the circulating water quality management, control the enrichment ratio within a reasonable range for production run bring obvious economic benefit and social benefit. According to water quality testing data, and gradually dosing system normal operation stage of water treatment agent, the system circulating water enrichment will gradually enter the stage of stable normal processing.

3. and monitor the corrosion rate of the circulating water system and scaling rate, through the comprehensive analysis of the control indexes of total alkalinity, can effectively reduce the risk of system scale. Realize the circulating cooling water for equipment corrosion leakage of low frequency.

Circulating water quality management

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