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Anticorrosion integrated services and scientific research

Anticorrosion integrated services and scientific research

Anticorrosive comprehensive service is based on the refinery process, such as negative ion analysis, product analysis, daily tracking data, make full use of the on-line corrosion monitoring and ultrasonic thickness testing data, and information gathering on temporary phenomenon of corrosion, corrosion situation of refinery summary and analysis of real-time, thus providing monthly and yearly corrosion and anticorrosion status reports of a service mode, through the comprehensive service mode guiding the anti-corrosive management of refinery.

Division over the years, the scientific research team has been with petrochina, sinopec, cnooc, companies such as extensive and close scientific research cooperation, obtained many achievements of scientific research. With CST, strong scientific research strength, anticorrosion research business is study enterprise specific anti-corrosion requirements, through constant exploration and research of frontier technologies, thus helping with the user's level of scientific research and technology.

Zhongke weir has made of metal materials, corrosion and protection, chemical engineering and technology, refining process and other professional composition of doctor, master the scientific research and service team. With perfect anticorrosion comprehensive service with scientific research service process, and has a strict service project audit system, strive to provide users with the best quality service. Specific service details, please call or message to us.

The service performance:

Cooperative enterprises and service users:

Sinopec beihai petrochemical company

Guangxi petrochemical company of CNPC

Cnooc huizhou refining branch

Petrochina liaohe petrochemical company

Petrochina lanzhou petrochemical company, etc

Anticorrosion integrated services and scientific research

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